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Alaskan Salmon Fishing Tips

If you are looking to fish for salmon, Alaska is one of the best places in the world to do it as they are plentiful there. The benefits include the tides and currents in the area which make it an ideal spawning ground for such types of fish.

Alaska is also one of the best places to catch the famous King Salmon, which is the largest salmon in the world. You can fish for these all year long since there is no specific season for them as there is with some other types of fish.

The ideal way to fish for them is by using a baited line drawn through the water since this maximizes your chances to land one successfully.

Here are a few of the most prized salmon known to man:

1. The Chinook, or King Salmon, that can grow beyond of twenty pounds; some of them even reach the forty pound mark. They have distinctive spotty markings with a greenish blue back. A Chinook will normally live to five or even seven years and its flesh can be ivory or a deep red color. There are other names which the Chinook goes under, such as springs, tyee, tule, and mouth/kins quinnat.

2. The Coho or Silver Salmon weighs less than a Chinook with its average being around eight to twelve pounds. These like to live in small streams which are slower flowing, and their spawning period is between July and November.

3. The Sockeye Salmon is probably the salmon that all salmon fishermen long to catch due to its appealing flesh that is colored a deep red.

If you intend to go fishing for salmon in Alaska, it is very important that you follow the following tips and make sure that you have all the correct equipment both for fishing and for yourself to wear: