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Alaskan Survival Kits

Even experienced backpackers and climbers need to know what to bring when hiking or camping in Alaska. Though the place is not scary or very dangerous however, when you decide to experience the wild in Alaska you should be prepared for anything. It is better to be ready anytime, all the time for anything. The tough terrains of Alaska can give you a good challenge, the temperature can be really freezing and an unexpected avalanche could happen. Therefore, it is very much recommended to prepare and take the necessary precautions on your trip to Alaska. Alaskan survival kits are one of the things to bring.

First, you need to prepare your things like your clothes, sleeping bags and camping equipments. Depending on the weather that you are in when you plan your trip, your gears and clothes should keep you comfortable. Especially during the winter months, extra snow and rain clothes and shoes are a must. When you travel by car, by plane or even on foot you should always remember that car may breakdown with the very cold weather, the plane should have the capability to signal location if needed and that you need to know how to fly it if your pilot is injured. These are things that needed to be prepared for when going on a nature trip in Alaska.

Another one is to prepare your Alaskan survival kits, which includes food, axe or hatchet, a first aid kit, rifle or shotgun or pistol, knife, a gill net, hooks, lines, sinkers, matches, signaling devices like smoke bombs in different colors, railroad fuses, pistol shells and blanket. Because Alaska has a normal cold weather, you need to bring extra matches, cold gear and the first aid kit should be complete and have enough supply for at least a week when accidents do happen. Another thing, you need to ask about the local laws and regulations in bringing guns. You need to comply with the requirements and some other hiking regulations of the place to avoid complications with the authority. Also, to avoid attracting bears you should cook and store your food away from your sleeping area. You can make noise to scare bears, or when a bear is around, you can stand still and whisper something to make it go away. When the bear attacks you, you can play dead. Just protect your head and your neck. Bears tend to leave a dead prey.