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An Alaskan Vacation Cruise - Enjoy a Vacation Cruise

For those many people who are planning a vacation cruise, and are starting to narrow the location down, an excellent option is an Alaskan vacation cruise. It has been a couple of years since we last took our cruise to Alaska, so I would like to share some impressions of what we liked and a few things to understand and keep an eye out for.

For an Alaskan vacation cruise to be one of those long-remembered trips, and considering there are so many things to see that can't be found anywhere else in the world, these are some of the things I would advise the traveler on:

1. Anytime you choose to take the trip, most people are going to consider it to be cold. We went the last week in May, which is early in the season, but we thought it was nearly impossible to have enough warm clothing. Granted, we are warm weather people, and I would much rather be sweating than freezing, but no matter when you go bring winter clothing.

2. As with any cruise ship, much of their revenue comes from selling a multitude of things on board, from art and jewelery to photographs and health and weight loss aides. Frankly almost all of this is overpriced and of little or no value at all, but because they have a captive audience they must get buyers. No one says you have to buy any of this stuff, so don't. My opinion is as long as they do find a buyer, that's a good thing, as it should help keep the cost of the basic cruise expense down.

3. If you are looking for great bargains on jewelery on-shore, good luck. We purchased a very nice and quite expensive diamond, and after lengthy negotiations reduced the price to about 60% of the original asking price, plus they threw in a couple of sweeteners. We thought we probably made out pretty well, but when we had it appraised back home, we found we bought it for almost exactly its appraised value. But it was a diamond that we wanted, so nothing lost.

4. When viewing glaciers, you may or may not see the famous calving. If you do, it is quite spectacular, but it obviously does not happen on demand, and when you are touring these areas, you could get hit by fog, as did happen to us on one excursion.

Now a few things that I would recommend to do on an Alaskan vacation cruise:

1. If possible, spend some time at the beginning or end of your trip in Vancouver, BC. It is really a very nice, scenic smaller city with quite a lot to do. Check with their information bureau.