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Athletes And Celebrities That Hunt

So much has been said about celebrities that are involved in the PITA movement and are against hunting. The reality is many celebrities enjoy the outdoors and embrace the concept of hunting and fishing.

Here is a list of some of the more prominent celebrities that get out and hunt and fish every year.

-Miranda Lambart (Country Music Singer)

Miranda received a BB gun at seven and was shooting a rifle at twelve. She loves to write about the outdoors and wear camouflage clothing. Miranda is a bow hunting enthusiast and loves to deer and turkey hunt.

-Tom Sylvia (A five time-UFC Heavyweight Ultimate Fighting Champion)

Tom tried to continue fighting with a broken arm until the referee called it off. He loves bowhunting deer and wild turkeys.

-Tiger Woods (Pro-Golfer)

Tiger is the world's most legendary golfer for more reasons than one. He loves fishing and makes recurrent angling trips to Alaska.

-Jake Peavy (Chicago White Sox CY Young Award Winning Pitcher )

Jake was raised in the environment of deer hunting and goes several times every season.

-Davis Love III (Golf Pro)

Davis is a Georgia inhabitant who owns a huge plantation where turkeys are quite plentiful. He also loves fishing marlin, tuna and dolphin.

-John Michael Montgomery (Country Music Singer)

John likes to give concerts at hunting and fishing shows. He's scheduled to host an outdoor show later this year.

-Bill Engvall (Comedian)

Bill is known for his famous line "here's your sign." He has his own TV show and acted in a movie about a guy who owned a bait store. He's a lifelong fisherman.