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Avoiding Hypothermia And Frostbites With Winter Wear

I don't want to scare you from going outdoors or from letting your children play outdoors this coming winter. The winter season has to be enjoyed just like the other seasons. The cold winter may be harsh on your toddler but you can combat it by being prepared and making sure keep your toddler warm.

Hypothermia is a disease where your body temperature drops below the normal level which is usually at 36.5C to 37C or 98F to 100F. Some of the symptoms of hypothermia are shivering, hypertension, confusion, difficulty in speaking, and sluggish thinking. If you ever encounter these symptoms on your toddler, change him or her into clean dry warm clothes and wrap in blankets. Another way to increase your toddlers temperature is to transfer body heat. You can give your baby a hug so your baby will feel the warmth of your skin.

Appropriate winter gear especially when going outdoors will prevent hypothermia. It is advisable to wear synthetic or wool fabrics because they provide better insulation than cotton. Make sure that your toddler will have ample supply of clothes ranging from toddler snowsuits, toddler snow jackets, and toddler snow pants. Dont forget also to have the different accessories that your toddler will need such as winter hats or beanies, winter snow boots, mittens to keep them warm and dry from head to toe.

Frost Bites are skin disease come with hypothermia as this is likely happen in parts of the body which is farthest from the heart which are our extremities. When your toddler is exposed to extreme cold for long periods of time without any protective winter gear he might suffer with frostbite. Symptoms of this disease may include itching, pain, skin is frozen or hardened, blisters which maybe hardened or blackened, and also hardened muscles, tendons, or blood vessels which may even lead to temporary loss of use or for extreme cases even amputation. Some causes of frostbite are inappropriate clothing, poor circulation, and wind chill.

So we can prevent this from happening by making sure that you have appropriate winter gear for your toddler. Mittens are very important part of your toddlers winter gear. This prevents frostbite in your toddlers hands and fingers. Make sure that they have a pair or more when going out to play. Get waterproof ones so their hands wont get wet and kept dry and warm.

Toddler snow boots are also very important because aside from preventing frostbite on your toddlers feet and toes they also prevent accidents like sliding or tumbling on the snow. Make sure that you get one that is skid proof as snow can be very slippery and don't forget to make sure they are waterproof. According to research, most of the heat that comes out of our body is generated by our head. Make sure that your toddler snow hat covers the ears and also waterproof. This will also prevent frostbite on her ears.

Its going to be fun gliding and playing with your toddlers on the snow but always be cautious so diseases like hypothermia and frostbites will be prevented. Make sure to keep your toddler warm in their winter gear.