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Is Cruising The Most Relaxing Holiday

Cruising is a favorite vacation choice for many people who enjoy water, sun, and foreign locations. The typical cruise pictured by most of us is one to tropical locales. But cruise packages are far more diverse than just the typical Caribbean voyage. You can cruise through Alaska, go to Europe, or take a theme cruise.

If you're a first-timer considering a cruise, you probably have some questions. It's good to think through these and do some research. Factors to consider include: cost, length of the trip, accommodation/s immediately before/after the cruise (if your cruise leaves from somewhere other than your home city), transportation to/from the cruise's departure point, necessary clothing, and activities.

Some cruises are highly scheduled, in part so that the cruise can concentrate on their employees at each of those activities. Other cruises have a more open, or freestyle, format, which allows you to dine when you want to, as well as visit other activities on board the ship.

Cruising really can be the most relaxed holiday because most of the work of the vacation, once you've booked it, is over. The cruise line will cater to nearly every need you have. Meals simply require you to show up. No worries about cooking or clean - up so it's akin to eating in a restaurant for every meal.

You don't need to worry about packing towels for sun-bathing or swimming if you're on a cruise with a pool. Those will be provided for you. Don't worry about renting a car to drive from location to location that you wish to visit. The cruise will stop at different ports-of-call, giving you a wide variety of day-excursion choices.

Another great thing about cruises is that different cruise lines cater to different types of vacationers. If you like a "party" atmosphere, there are cruise lines that offer plenty of dancing and fun. There are even singles cruises if you're interested in flirting and potentially meeting a mate!

Family cruises can cater to either multiple generations in a family (grandparents, parents, grandkids), or can focus on families with younger children (Disney cruises can be very popular options for this crowd!). Rosie O'Donnell also made a splash when she started sponsoring non-traditional family cruises that attracted gay couples with children.

Many cruise packages have all-inclusive pricing. So no need to worry about bringing your wallet every time you go to a meal or out for drinks. And when you visit multiple locations at the ports-of-call, you don't have to worry about packing up all of your things and moving from hotel to hotel. Everything stays right in your room on the boat. How much more convenient and relaxing is that? You only have to worry about unpacking and packing once during your cruise!

The internet is a wealth of information, so use it to your advantage. Look for sources that offer objective advice on cruise planning ”not just the information you'll find on a cruise line's website. With first-hand information from folks who have already tried the cruise you're interested in, you'll know what to expect and be prepared.