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Outdoor Winter Clothes You Can Live In

Imagine the touch of warm, buttery fabric caressing your skin in winter. Imagine indulging in a snowball fight, or snowboarding, without getting frost bites.

Staying warm isn't good enough. You could wear pvc or clothes made of similar materials to stay warm, but if your skin can't breathe, you aren't going to be that comfortable. Especially if you are going to sweat, ice skating, chasing your friends and family with snowballs or even sightseeing would make you sweat and if your clothes aren't breathable, they moisture will be trapped between your skin and clothing. Not only will you be sticky and uncomfortable, the damp and cold can leave you chilled.

Winter clothing should look great too. Who wants to wear baggy clothes that though warm and comfy, make you look 20 pounds heavier.

Your clothing, even your warm winter outerwear should fit your body as closely as the layering would allow. The look should be sleek. Sharp. The bottom layer should be skin tight, not baggy. Then the layers above that should be as few and fit as well as possible to reduce bulk.

Yeah, baggy clothes look cute if you're built like a skeleton.

Go for clothes made of warm fabrics so that minimal layering is necessary.

Before modern technology, wool was the fabric of choice where warmth is concerned. Wool keeps the sheep and lambs warm in winter. Likewise, thick woollen clothes keep people warm. The problem with regular wool is that it is prickly. Very thick cotton clothes, worn in many layers would work well in mild winters. Leather clothes, gloves and accessories are very warm too, great for winter. But real leather is very expensive. It does not wick sweat away, so though leather looks amazing, it isn't practical if you are likely get sweaty from outdoor activities.

Along came synthetics. Modern technology allows us to create synthetic fabrics from petroleum. Plastics that feel like wool minus the itchiness.

Imagine wool that you can dump into the washing machine to wash. That does not feel prickly against the skin. It is warm, feels soft. These clothes look and feel like they are made of fleece. If it looks like fleece, feels like fleece, it's gotta be fleece right?

Wrong. Those winter clothes are made of polar fleece. A clever fabric that can be made from recycled plastic bottles.

The wonders of modern science. The 100s mimic light weight fleece while the 300s mimic heavy fleece which is great for the coldest of winters.