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Winter Clothing for Babies

Winter Clothing for Babies: Keep your baby warm and dry   by baby cloth

in Shopping / Clothing    (submitted 2010-02-05)

Do not let winter's cold and snow keep you and your baby housebound. Both of you still need to get out, walk and enjoy fresh air and the company of others; and the business of everyday life does not slow down for an occasional blizzard or cold snap. Naturally, however, because your baby's immune system is still developing, and thousands of nasty bacteria and viruses lurk in super-heated household air, you need to protect your baby against the elements and winter's cold, bundling her in the best winter clothing for babies.

Indoor winter clothing for babies

While your baby plays indoors, you want to keep her warm and comfortable, protecting her against cold floors and chilly drafts. Keep your baby's arms and legs covered, dressing her in layers. Add a turtleneck over her t-shirt, and add cute little overalls with snaps along the legs for both comfort and convenience. If your baby is crawling or toddling, check your floors for warmth, because tile and hardwood grow very cold during the winter. You may want to add blankets to your baby's favorite play spaces, protecting not only against the cold but also against bumps and bounces.

Especially make sure your baby's feet and hands stay warm. You probably know from your own experience, if your feet and hands do not feel warm, the rest of your body cannot feel warm. Add extra socks under booties or shoes to keep those precious little toes nice and toasty; and take time out from crawling, walking, and dancing to check baby's hands, rubbing them gently to warm them and promote circulation to tender little fingers. If your hardwood and tile floors remain super cold, your baby may even want to wear her mittens indoors while she crawls and explores.

Outdoor winter clothing for babies

A good hat and sturdy mittens lead the list of outdoor essentials for your baby. Because your baby's head is still developing, you need to keep it warm and dry, and your baby's delicate ears will chill quickly if you leave them unprotected against the cold. If you can splurge on only one item of winter gear for your baby, look for a high-quality down-filled set that includes both mittens and a hat. Very few manufacturers make gloves for babies, because their hands are too small and they would be a nightmare to put-on. Mittens have the advantage of keeping hands warmer, and they slide on and off with ease. You may want to supplement your investment with clips or strings, attaching the mittens directly to your baby's snowsuit, so that they do not get lost, misplaced, or left behind.

You will see lots of cute knitted items for your baby's hands and head, and knitwear will work well in autumn and spring, but it will not afford adequate protection against harsh winter storms. When you and your baby venture out into the dead of winter, dress your baby in fleece-lined or fiber-filled rip-stop nylon head and hand wear. You want your baby to remain waterproof as well as weatherproof.